About Us

Summit Source was founded in 1981, with a humble beginning as a small local satellite retailer. We eventually grew to become a distributor of satellite television equipment. As the satellite industry changed, so did we. Through hard work, competitive pricing, and a strong dedication to unsurpassed customer service, Summit Source grew to become one of the Midwest’s largest distributors of Audio/Video equipment and accessories.

As a “Leader in Innovation” Summit Source developed a “Buying Group” approach to business in order to lower the costs for our customers. Through large volume discounts obtained from our manufacturers, we have made it possible for our customers to receive special benefits and overall lower prices. To make business even easier for our customers, we established SummitSource.com in 2001. Our website provides a complete product catalog as well as an updated listing of “extra value” specials. Not only does SummitSource.com make business easier and more efficient, but also we are one of the few online merchants that actually keep almost all of our products in stock, ready to be shipped on the day of purchase. Because of our competitive prices and unsurpassed customer service, Summit Source has been named one of eBay’s “Power sellers” an honor that is only given to merchants that have over a 99% customer satisfaction rating.

Summit Source has expanded its facilities and added many new product lines beyond that of satellite television equipment. Besides our full line of C-Band, DBS, DSS, and OFF Air Antenna equipment and accessories, we now carry an extensive line of the highest quality and most widely known national brands of home entertainment and office furniture. We are also a master distributor of many major brands that customers trust of the supporting parts, tools, and accessories needed to get the equipment professionally installed quickly and easily.

Remember, when you do business with Summit Source, you are doing business with a company of professionals. We have over four decades of experience, and over 500,000 happy, satisfied customers.